How to Achieve P2PE Validation
Thursday 7th July 2016

Presenter: Mark Collins, General Manager, TNS UK & Ireland

Point to point encryption validation is a huge topic in payments at present. Only around 2% of payment gateways have achieved validation and no merchant with a dedicated environment has yet completed a validation. So how can P2PE validation be achieved and why would organisations want to expend the resources to do so? TNS' General Manager for the UK & Ireland talked about what is involved in a P2PE project, why it is worth consideration for your business and what areas are typically missed when considering P2PE.


About the Speaker:

Mark Collins is General Manager of TNS' Payments Division in the UK and Ireland. In his role, Mark is responsible for driving TNS' growth in these markets, across all of the company's products and solutions. Mark also holds responsibility for several key global account relationships.

Having joined TNS in February 1999, Mark is a long-standing and well-respected veteran of the company and has held a number of different positions at TNS with both domestic and global focus.

Mark joined TNS from Bank of Ireland where he had spent 19 years in a variety of service, operations, IT and customer management roles, rising to Senior Manager of Electronic Banking Support.

Mark, who holds a Diploma in management, from the Irish Management Institute (IMI), lists good communication and people management skills as two of his best traits but also has an excellent understanding of technical solutions from a commercial perspective.


Testing Payment Systems is Painful - Does it Have to Be?
Friday 17th June 2016

Presenter: Anthony Walton, CEO, Iliad Solutions

The focus of this webinar was on how testing today is fundamentally fractured and that this in itself creates risk, cost and delay to projects in the payments space. The session assessed where the biggest issues lie, what they mean in terms of the challenges faced by teams under increasing pressure to deal with mandates, manage uplifts and deliver new capability, and how modern approaches can make major inroads into resolving these problems.


About the Speaker:

Anthony Walton is the CEO and Founder of Iliad Solutions Limited based in Leeds, UK. A veteran of 25 years in the payments industry, he started his career with the software division of Stratus Computer (S2). This led him to work in Frankfurt, Germany where he founded his first company, DNA, in 1996 with the intention of bringing an open system switch and test tools to the payments market. Following a merger with EPS GmbH in 2001 these products (ASx and ASSET) were acquired by ACI Worldwide in 2004.

Iliad Solutions was formed in 2004 with a single goal: to improve the way payment systems are tested. Iliad's first product T3 was launched in 2007 and is used in 16 countries by Card Schemes, Tier-1 Banks, Processors, Retailers and Software development companies. Its latest evolution, T3:Switch (Anthony's 3rd generation test product), brings service virtualisation concepts to the payments industry. It is being used globally for test assurance, switch and card management system migration, pre-certification of payment schemes and the on-boarding of token based mobile payments.



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