The Payments Knowledge Forum has been set up by payments system users to facilitate the exchange of mutually useful, practical and relevant information. It was formed out of the EBUG User Group, originally created by a group of users in 1986, and has many of the objectives of a traditional user group but has no affiliation to any individual vendor.

Financial institutions, retailers, payments processors and consultants are welcome to participate in the group and to help shape and direct our activities. The Payments Knowledge Forum is a non-profit association which funds itself through sponsorship and through conference delegate fees. There are no membership costs - to join up, simply contact us at Info@ThePKF.org.


Our key objective is to act as a catalyst for the exchange of payments system knowledge for the mutual benefit of the user community. We have no vendor or platform affiliation so can act as a source of impartial information. Cost-effective solutions to the many current challenges facing those who operate large payments switches are unlikely to be found in the product set of a single vendor. They may involve innovative uses of a particular product or the integration of a number of components and tools.

Groups of users may focus on a particular product and work together to make the most effective use of that product. We can facilitate free and open discussion. They may co-ordinate their requirements to present to the relevant vendor and use the power of the community to apply more effective pressure. In other words, The Payments Knowledge Forum can take on the traditional - but independent - user group role.

Our events have general and informative presentations and debates about key issues and challenges in the payments industry which will inevitably affect those who own and operate the supporting payments infrastructure. These may cover, for example, security, regulation, standards, assurance and innovation. Together with practical sessions and the most important aspect of all - networking - The Payments Knowledge Forum will help to keep you in touch with all the relevant developments in the payments industry.

Finally, what we are is what you want us to be. If you want us to do something different, tell us or, better still, step forward and help us to achieve what you feel should be our objectives!


For all general enquiries, please email us at Info@ThePKF.org.

Members of the Executive Committee can be contacted directly using an email address of the form first name @ thepkf.org

e.g. Denys@ThePKF.org.

We are also on Twitter (@The_PKF), Facebook and LinkedIn:-


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