Recordings of the following webinars are available on demand. Please click on the link for the relevant webinar to request a copy.

How to Achieve P2PE Validation - Presenter: Mark Collins, TNS UK & Ireland held on Thursday 7 July 2016

Testing Payment Systems is Painful - Does it Have to Be? - Presenter: Anthony Walton, Iliad Solutions held on Friday 17 June 2016

Extending & Improving Your NonStop Payment Ecosystem - Presenter: Thomas Burg, comForte held on Thursday 24 March 2016

Tokenisation - Moving from 'The Hype' to Live Solutions - Presenter: Michael Luck, Xentian and John Rozek, Polar Moment held on Wednesday 15 July 2015

Contactless at ATMs - Presenter: Paola Araco, NCR Corporation and Hosted by Anders Thompson, Barclays held on Thursday 11 June 2015

Data-Centric Security & Mission-Critical Ecosystems: A Breakthrough Strategy for Neutralising Sensitive Data Against Advanced Threats and Attacks - Presenters: Andrew Price, Xypro & Mark Bower, Voltage Security held on Thursday 18 December 2014

How to Deliver a WOW Consumer Experience - Presenters: John Seddon, Branch Consultant & Hormuzd Karkaria, VP Software & Services Solutioning, Diebold held on Thursday 19 June 2014

ATM 2020 - Presenter: Aravinda Korala, CEO, KAL and Hosted by Anton Godfrey, HSBC held on Friday 2 May 2014

Bitcoin: Beyond the Hype - Presenter: Richard G Brown, IBM and Hosted by Domhnall O'Neill, Bank of Ireland held on Thursday 27 March 2014 (On Request)

The Changing Role of Testers - Presenter: Paul Gerrard, Gerrard Consultancy and Hosted by Denys Whitley, The Payments Knowledge Forum held on Thursday 27 February 2014

Payments Industry Security Strengths and Weaknesses - Presenter: Jason Brooks, J-Sec Consultancy and Hosted by Keith Draper, Barclaycard held on Thursday 23 January 2014


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